JiHu validation pipelines

JiHu validation pipelines

In order to make sure our regular development does not break JiHu’s pipelines, we run JiHu validation pipelines in merge requests which we consider it’s more likely to break JiHu’s pipelines.

Those pipelines are currently allowed to fail, and they should not block any merge requests from being merged.

To revisit this policy, checkout: Disallow as-if-jh pipeline to fail

When and where we run it

We run the validation pipelines when we detected that the changes is more likely to break JiHu’s pipeline. The detection is automated and we can also apply label ~"pipeline:run-as-if-jh" to force it if not detected.

Job start-as-if-jh will trigger a cross project downstream pipeline in the GitLab JH validation project.

For how the detection works and technical details about how we run this validation pipeline, checkout: As-if-JH cross project downstream pipeline

What to do when the validation pipeline failed

In the case when the validation pipeline failed, follow this workflow:

If any related items can be found, feel free to drop a reference in the issue or merge request, and move on.

If nothing can be found, follow this workflow:

  • Notify JiHu for the potential breakage. You can contact @mtan-gitlab
  • Add ~"JiHu impacted" label to the merge request so we can track this.
  • (Bonus) Investigate the failure and follow up accordingly. This can be telling JiHu why and how the failure can happen, or what they need to do or what they need to change. To better support them, figuring out a way so they can more easily follow up is encouraged.