YubiKey Order Guide

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To order a YubiKey, open a Slack DM to yourself and use the /yubikey command.


When the prompt shows, fill in your information. There are some caveats here:

  • Use a hyphen in cases of multiple surnames. (Sacha Baron Cohen would be Sacha Baron-Cohen, Hussain Al Jassmi would be Hussain Al-Jassmi) This helps during the parsing process and will help assure your order submits.
  • Prefix your phone number with your international calling code. (+15551239999)
  • Use your two letter state/region code for USA and Canada orders. (CA for California, QC for Quebec)
  • If you need more address lines, please reach out in #it_security_help.


Select your YubiKey. For now, orders are limited to one YubiKey. You can use this prompt again for a replacement key if needed.


Once you have submitted the form, you will get a message from YubiBot. If you do not receive a confirmation message including your shipping reference number, please reach out in #it_security_help for assistance.


If there are any questions around this process, please reach out in #it_security_help.

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