GitLab Onboarding Feedback

Onboarding Feedback

Wondering if you are doing okay with your onboarding? Need some suggestions or guidance? Then this is the right page, let’s hear from team members who share their onboarding experience and any helpful tips!

Eduardo Guillen

Daniel Diniz

Team Member Video Process

Did you have a blast during your onboarding? Or just want to share some helpful tips that you learned during your onboarding? Then why not share this with our new team members. Simply create a short video of yourself!

Things to possibly include:

  • General onboarding experience (from the tasks, to the people, to your feelings)
  • What went well
  • What didn’t go as well (if you want to)
  • General tips to any new team members watching the videos
  • Really anything you want to mention about the onboarding experience


It’s great that you are wanting to share your experience, anything up to 10 minutes should be good! Keeping it short and sweet is always best to keep your audience’s attention :)


  • All videos shared will be uploaded to the GitLab Unfiltered Channel and to this Handbook page.
  • Once you have recorded your video, please reach out to the People Connect team in the #people-connect Slack channel or by email: