What is AnswerBase?

AnswerBase is an internal only library of question and answer pairs related to GitLab, Inc. and the GitLab solutions. AnswerBase is a living library that is updated and expanded by questionnaires from our prospects and customers. These questionnaires are related to efforts such as RFx requests, third party risk assessments, and supplier due diligence requests. AnswerBase is designed to serve both Field Security and all other team members.

How can I use AnswerBase?

You can use AnswerBase in a manner similar to any other digital or physical library, to answer questions and conduct research.

AnswerBase is a self-service tool that enables you to quickly search for keywords related to topics of interest from our prospects and customers. Your searches will produce a list of question and answer pairs that closely match your keywords, providing you with the information you need to confidently respond to prospects and customers.

What are some use cases for AnswerBase?

  • Preparing talking points for a prospect or customer meeting
  • Responding to an email from a prospect or customer; and
  • Learning more about the GitLab solutions and how we operate internally at GitLab, Inc.

How does Field Security use AnswerBase?

How can I access AnswerBase?

AnswerBase is powered by our third party tool, OneTrust Vendorpedia. Vendorpedia has been added as a baseline entitlement, so all team members will receive access to AnswerBase.

This video will show you how easy it is to access and use AnswerBase!

Maintenance and Improvements

AnswerBase is a living library that is continuously being updated and expanded. As Field Security completes questionnaires within Vendorpedia, the AnswerBase libraries are updated with current and accurate answers. Field Security updates the structure and tagging within AnswerBase in an ad-hoc manner to ensure AnswerBase remains an easy to navigate and effective self-service tool for all team members.

If you have suggestions for improvements, please reach out to Field Security via any of the contact methods listed below.

Quality Guide

Please see our AnswerBase Quality Guide to understand how we structure and format AnswerBase.

Contact the Field Security Team

  • Email
  • Slack
    • Feel free to tag us with @field-security
    • The #sec-fieldsecurity, #sec-assurance, #security-department slack channels are the best place for questions relating to Field Security (please add the above tag).
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