Using GitLab at GitLab


Everyone at GitLab uses our GitLab tool in their daily work. This page details items specific to using the GitLab tool at GitLab.

Using GitLab Competency

Skills and behavior of Using GitLab as a Team Member:

  • Knows when and how to open, comment, close, and move on issues while utilizing an issue board
  • Understands and knows how to open and submit a merge request
  • Models how and when to use epics
  • Uses GitLab effectively for day-to-day work

Skills and behaviors of Using GitLab as a People Leader:

  • Establishes an environment to use GitLab for the primary mode for executing and collaborating on work
  • Assists team on troubleshooting GitLab issues and merge requests
  • Shares experiences on when to use GitLab and how to integrate into day-to-day work activities