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tableau-with-filters This partial is the primary way for embedding Tableau charts in the handbooks. It should be used in all shortcodes that need to embed a tableau chart. It is set up to a named parameters or a data file as the source. In each shortcode this partial is called a flag must be set, hastableau=true, so that the correct javascript is applied to the page at the time of construction.
Performance Indicator Embeds Examples KPI Summary 1 {{< performance-indicators/summary org="example" is_key=true />}} Performance Indicator Health Example KIP Regular PI Summary 1 {{< performance-indicators/summary org="example" is_key=false />}} Performance Indicator Health Example PI Key Performance Indicators 1 {{< performance-indicators/list org="example" is_key=true />}} Example KIP KIP Description KPI Reason 1 KPI Reason 2 Target: 100 URL(s) https://example.com Tableau↗ Regular Performance Indicators 1 {{< performance-indicators/list org="example" is_key=false />}} Example PI PI example description PI Reason 1 PI Reason 2 Target: 50
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