GitLab Administration Working Group

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Property Value
Date Created 2023-03-01
End Date 2023-07-27
Slack #wg_administration (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda
Issue Board Administration Working Group
Epic GitLab Administration Working Group
Overview & Status Closed


The GitLab Administration Working Group will determine the work needed to maintain GitLab Administrator functions healthy, identify owning groups for requests, and redirect issues to corresponding groups for resolution. This group is a temporary owner for all GitLab Administrator functions until a team is funded to be a permanent owner.


The maintenance and enhancement of GitLab Administration functions has been a shared responsibility among Development groups. This often triggers the same questions about shared responsibilities - who owns this and who should work on this. Before a development owning group can be identified, a working group will help us to maintain the related functions to run GitLab (the software) smoothly.

Exit Criteria

  1. Owners of the items in the Admin Area of GitLab are identified, acknowledged, and documented in the handbook. => DONE The owner list is in the issue description, we (GitLab as a whole) will continue seeking clarification for the remaining unowned areas. Meanwhile, continue following Shared responsibility functionality for unowned areas.
  2. Owners of things related to instance management (upgrade, backup and restore, metrics, performance) and configuration are identified, acknowledged, and documented in the handbook. => SKIPPED Didn’t investigate due to other priorities.
  3. A proposal for a new team in case there is a need for certain items of the GitLab Administrator features. There is a chance this is unnecessary if the above two items cover all features. => SKIPPED Didn’t investigate due to other priorities.
  4. A process of identifying Owners for future administration features is documented in the handbook. => DONE Updated handbook page with process of adding new admin section.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Stakeholder Christopher Lefelhocz (@clefelhocz1) VP of Development
Facilitator/DRI Peter Lu (@plu8) Engineering Manager, Distribution:Deploy
Product Management DRI Dilan Orrino (@dorrino ) Product Manager Distribution
Member Gosia Ksionek (@mksionek) Backend Engineer, Manage::Authentication & Authorization
Member Christina Lohr (@lohrc) Senior Product Manager, Data Stores::Tenant Scale
Member Joseph Longo (@jlongo_gitlab) Manager, Governance and Field Security
Member Oriol Lluch Parellada (@o-lluch) Engineering Manager, Infrastructure
Member Hannah Sutor (@hsutor) Senior Product Manager - Auth
Member Falko Sieverding (@fsieverding) Customer Success Manager, EMEA
Member Shawn Sichak (@ssichak) Senior Security Engineer, Trust and Safety
Member Manuel Kraft (@manuel.kraft) Customer Success Manager, EMEA
Member Sean Carroll (@sean_carroll) Engineering Manager, Create::Source Code