Handling Requests for More Premium Trial compute minutes

How to handle requests for more minutes when customer is running Trial Subscription

NOTE: This workflow is DEPRECATED.

Use this temporary workflow when a user reports that they need more than the 400 minutes currently being allocated for Trial subscriptions. In most cases, 10000 minutes should be the target. This is only temporary until issue #322043 has been applied.

  1. Confirm the namespace that is under a Trial subscription account. Note: compute minutes should reflect 400 minutes.
  2. Confirm the user requesting additional minutes is a member of that namespace.
  3. Update the minutes to reflect 10000, instead of 400.
    1. You can update the minutes as a .com admin, or
    2. Use /chatops to set additional minutes quota for a namespace.

For more details on adding more minutes to an account, see Adding additional compute minutes.