Emerging Talent

The Emerging Talent Working Group aims to build globally inclusive access to opportunities for those with 2 years or less experience in a domain


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Date Created 2023-03-31
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Our Emerging Talent strategy ignites GitLab to build toward creating globally inclusive access to opportunities so that everyone can contribute. Emerging Talent program participants, defined as talent with 2 years or less experience in a given domain, will be a value add as GitLab scales.

These programs aim to bridge the gap between education and experience by offering curriculum and work-integrated learning to talent at the Associate level, with no academic-based prerequisites. .


  1. Establish Emerging Talent Acquisition Strategy within Engineering.
  2. Build Emerging Talent Programs within Engineering.
    • FTE Rotation Program [Marketing Name = Associate Engineering Program aka AEP]
    • Internship Program [Marketing Name = Engineering Intership Program aka EIP]

Exit Criteria


Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person
Executive Stakeholder Joerg Heilig
Facilitator / Program Lead Justin Smith
Member Jessica Dallmar
Member - PBP Lead Giuliana Lucchesi
Functional Lead - Infrastructure and Quality Mek Stittri
Functional Lead - Development Christopher Lefelhocz
Member Phil Calder
Member Chun Du
Member John Cai
Member Vincy Wilson
Member Alan Richards
Member Darva Satcher
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