FY24-Q2 OKRs

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This fiscal quarter will run from 2023-05-01 to 2023-07-31.

The source of truth for FY24-Q2 OKRs will be in GitLab.

OKR Schedule

OKR schedule Week of Task
-5 2023-03-27 CEO shares top goals with E-group for feedback
-4 2023-04-03 CEO shares top goals in #okrs Slack channel
-4 2023-04-03 E-group propose OKRs for their functions in the OKR draft review meeting agenda
-3 2023-04-10 E-group 50 minute draft review meeting
-2 2023-04-17 E-group discusses with their respective teams and polishes OKRs
-2 2023-04-17 CEO top goals available in GitLab
-1 2023-04-24 Function OKRs are put into GitLab and links are shared in #okrs Slack channel
-1 2023-04-24 CEO reports post links to final OKRs in #okrs slack channel and @ mention the CEO and CoS to the CEO for approval
0 2023-05-01 CoS to the CEO updates OKR page for current quarter to be active and includes CEO level OKRs with consideration to what is public and non-public


The source of truth for GitLab OKRs and KRs is GitLab. CEO objectives and KRs are captured on this page. OKRs map to [Yearlies]/company/yearlies/).

1. CEO: Continue to win against GitHub with AI

  1. CEO KR: Define R&D priorities → Share updated roadmap that reflects near-term win requirements
  2. CEO KR: Drive AI usage with XK code suggestion users
  3. CEO KR: Develop comprehensive GitHub compete narrative with new content positioning stronger AI leadership, sales/rev play campaign
  4. CEO KR: Achieve 100% of the CRO org having completed the GitHub and AI competitive messaging training
  5. CEO KR: Deliver 5 customer value stories (1 marquee video, big names preferred) with clear ROI outlined and promote customers through 2 monthly releases (blog or other medium) per month of leader at customer doing great work with GitLab
  6. CEO KR: David or Sid conduct an exclusive, in-depth AI briefing, including a product roadmap, with a tier-one AMER media outlet, to lay the foundation for our AI strategy
  7. CEO KR: Continue briefing cadence with 5-7 key publications across EMEA and APJ once the exclusive runs in AMER
  8. CRO KR: Have a signed off monetization strategy for AI

2. CEO: Reduce churn and contraction by delivering predictable high value to customers

  1. CEO KR: Reduce churn and contraction by X% compared to ATR FY23-Q4
  2. CEO KR: Overachieve on Professional Services attach rate at X% of Q2 Net ARR (target in plan = Y%) via mandatory Ultimate attach initiative, to drive improved product adoption
  3. CEO KR: >90% of top 50 customers by ARR pitched about GitLab’s AI strategy in H1 FY24, with unbranded content in hand for them to use internally in their own AI advocacy
  4. CEO KR: Support 3 customers with >$100K ARR to contribute 10+ MRs in the quarter
  5. CEO KR: Grow revenue through identifying 7 AI and non-AI features that drive net retention

3. CEO: Make GitLab easier to do business with

  1. CEO KR: Complete 4 Q2 Fulfillment initiatives: scope temporary licenses technical solution, complete web store discount work, deliver A single CustomersDot BillingAccount can have multiple CustomersDot Users in order to move to one customer definition across Q2C systems, and deliver first iteration of project Juvet: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/gitlab-OKRs/-/work_items/1975
  2. CEO KR: Collaborate with hyperclouds to investigate integrating GitLab.com in the cloud provider’s console
  3. CEO KR: Have Dedicated in GA, onboard target, and reduce minimum seat count to 1k Ultimate seats

4. CEO: Continue to build a diverse team of top talent that we retain and grow

  1. CEO KR: Reduce regrettable turnover by 0.3%
  2. CEO KR: Increase our URG population from 17% to 18% and increase female population from 31% to 33%
  3. CEO KR: Increase leadership Elevate enrollees from 10% to 30% of our people managers with an annualized target of 85%
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