Handling compute minutes

Adjusting compute minutes

Adding additional compute minutes

From time to time, you may need to grant additional compute minutes to a namespace without affecting the namespace’s usual monthly quota.

Using Support Forms Processor

Use the Extra Minutes form.

Using GitLab.com ChatOps

View the Support ChatOps documentation for more information.

Process for authorising additional compute minutes for customers as an act of goodwill

  • For an existing customer, Support is able to issue compute minutes as an act of goodwill. Example situations include: customer has encountered a product bug related to compute minutes; customer experienced an unplanned GitLab.com downtime. In such cases, please request the customer to provide a list of impacted projects to our Support team. (Example Ticket 1 | Example Ticket 2)
  • Once you have reviewed and validated:
    1. Post an internal note on the ticket denoting the number of compute minutes to be applied, using the following formula:
    • Total compute minutes = Their current compute minutes + (2 x sum of compute minutes for all failed jobs)
    1. Request Manager Approval to Restore Compute Minutes as an act of goodwill to the #spt_managers channel in Slack
    2. MANAGERS: Acknowledge in Slack and post approval via internal note in the ticket.
    3. Once Approval provided in ticket, restore the compute minutes using the mechanizer zendesk app: Set compute minutes to namespace workflow
  • This will provide recovery of the compute minutes lost, with an additional amount in recognition of the inconvenience caused to the customer
  • If the request falls outside of the examples above, any additional compute minutes should be paid for. If you are unsure, verify in the #spt_managers channel in Slack.

Process for authorising additional compute minutes to be added to GitLab Trial customers

  • If a customer is in trial and a request is submitted to increase their amount of compute minutes to match those a Premium or Ultimate subscriber receives then the support engineer should seek authorisation from the customers sales representative to provide the additional compute minutes, as they are able to self-authorise such requests. However, if a request is made for an increase in excess of the standard allotments of compute minutes (i.e. more than 10,000 minutes for a Premium trial and more than 50,000 minutes for an Ultimate trial) then a transaction is required and those minutes should be paid.

  • For an existing customer - other than an act of goodwill (i.e product bug, unplanned GitLab.com downtime, performance issues etc…), any additional compute minutes or Storage should be paid for

Purchased compute minutes are not associated with customer’s group

To transfer compute minutes from a user’s personal namespace to a group namespace, use the Force Association option in the ZD Mechanizer App.

If the Mechanizer does not work, you will need to request a refund for the customer. In this case:

  • Confirm that the compute minutes are associated with the user’s personal namespace.
  • Verify that the compute minutes associated with the personal namespace have not been consumed. You can check this under Usage Quotas in the users personal profile.  Note: If compute minutes are assigned to a personal namespace with no project or pipeline, this page will show 0/Not supported minutes has been consumed.
    • If they have not been consumed, inform the customer that they’ve selected their personal namespace instead of their group when they purchased the compute minutes and pass the ticket to the billing team to process the refund. The customer can then repurchase the compute minutes for their group.
    • If they have been consumed, the customer is not eligible for a refund - inform the customer that they are already using the purchased compute minutes, and redirect the customer to purchase a new compute minutes pack corresponding to their group.

GitLab.com group is not visible during the purchase

  • While purchasing the compute minutes, the billing page shows a drop-down menu to choose the namespace to be associated with the compute minutes. If the user is unable to view or choose the required group during the purchase, it is probable that the GitLab user is not an owner of that group. Reply to the user stating that they need to either get their permissions updated to owner to be able to choose the group on the billing page, or request an existing owner of the group to purchase the compute minutes using their own customer portal account.

Enable compute minutes

Manual credit card validation for community contributors

Please do not use the enabling compute minutes process for validating a user account to bypass the need for a credit card when requested for community contributors.

Qualifying requirements:

  1. Requester has filed an internal request or ZenDesk ticket to track request.
  2. Request is approved or created by a Community Relations or Contributor Success team member.
  3. GitLab.com admin account

Once verified, use the following steps:

  1. Edit the user account https://gitlab.com/admin/users/USERNAME/edit.
  2. Select the Validate user account checkbox.
  3. Add an Admin note.
  4. Save changes.

Enabling compute minutes for sales assisted trials

The following process will remove the restrictions for using compute minutes for groups who are part of a sales assisted trial.


Using Mechanizer ZD App

Use the Enable compute minutes via ZD Mechanizer app.

Using customerDot Console

From the customerDot Console run the following function:

For sales assisted Trials
irb(main) enable_ci_minutes_trial('namespace')

=> "{\"status\":\"success\",\"message\":\"namespace members are now enabled to run compute minutes\"}"
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