Sending licenses to a different email address

Information on the process for sending licenses to a different email address


A temporary license can be sent to a different email address.

A paid license is always sent to the Sold to contact used on the order, and this contact is mentioned in the license file.

We can send the license to another contact if:

  • The contact has a Customers Dot account which is linked to the subscription.
  • The contact is the Sold to contact for the Zuora account.

To have it sent to a different email address, we would need to follow the process outlined at Associating purchases with additional accounts.
We cannot bypass doing this based on internal requests. It must be done via a customer submitted ticket.
Once the new Customers Dot account is created or changed, the license can be re-sent (or obtained by the new account owner).

The Support team is not allowed to make changes to the contact information in the license itself.

To forward or resend a license or activation code:

  • Find the license or activation code by searching using customer email or company name.
  • To resend the license or activation code to the same user, click the Resend to customer via email button on the right. (Looks like an envelope icon).
  • To forward the license or activation code to a different address using the Forward license email function:
    1. Navigate to the Forward license email tab if it’s a license file or to the Forward Cloud activation email tab if it’s an activation code.
    2. Enter the Destination email address. NOTE It is currently not possible to copy (cc) or send to multiple contacts at once.
    3. Click the Forward button.
    4. Confirm whether the license was delivered