GitHost Migration Working Group

The GitLab GitHost Migration Working Group aims to successfully migrate a key customer from to


Property Value
Date Created January 30, 2020
Target End Date April 24, 2020
Actual End Date May 12, 2020
Slack #wg_githost_migration (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc GitHost Migration Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)

Business Goal

Successfully migrate a key customer from to More details on the specific customer in Google Doc above.

Exit Criteria

  1. Define acceptance criteria for customer. => Done The customer has stated they want all data migrated across. We have confirmed scope of data included in migration, which is viewable by following the Migration Features link here.
  2. Identify and deliver issues blocking migration efforts in this epic. => Done.
  3. Complete an end-to-end testing plan and conduct a migration dry-run. => Done.
  4. Document known risks as part of the migration process. => Done Risks listed here. Working Group to add approval for each risk.
  5. Execute on migration for customer. => Done Start Date 13th April. End Date 13th May.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Stakeholder Christopher Lefelhocz Senior Director of Development
Facilitator Allison Walker Professional Services Project Manager
Functional Lead Liam McAndrew Backend Engineering Manager, Manage:Import
Functional Lead Jeremy Watson Group Product Manager, Manage
Functional Lead Michael Lutz Senior Director of Professional Services
Functional Lead Paul Harrison Security Manager, Security Operations
Member Haris Delalić Product Manager, Manage:Import
Member George Koltsov Backend Engineer, Manage:Import
Member Désirée Chevalier Software Engineer in Test, Manage
Member Sanad Liaquat Senior Software Engineer in Test, Manage
Member Glen Miller Professional Services Engineer
Member Petar Prokic Professional Services Engineer, EMEA
Member Sean Hoyle Customer Success Manager
Member Luca Williams Product Manager, Manage:Spaces
Member Lyle Kozloff Support Engineering Manager


The key customer was successfully migrated from to As part of this process a new Group Import/Export API was introduced and the reliability of our Project Import/Export functionality was improved. Thank you for everyone’s contribution in the Working Group.