Remove Validation

Workflow to remove validation on a user account


This workflow covers how to remove validation for a user account. All free users created after May 17, 2021 require a credit or debit card validation to use shared runners on

Credit card validation is not connected to a account or Zuora subscription.


You must ensure the customer is aware that removal of validation will result in their account being unable to use shared runners until they provide a credit or debit card for validation.

  1. Complete the account ownership verification workflow to verify the account owner and that you have received their permission to proceed. Please use the standard data classification definition. The peer review is not mandatory for these cases.
  2. Sign into your admin account and locate the customer’s user account.
  3. Under the account tab, click Edit.
    1. Uncheck the “Validate user account” box.
    2. Add an Admin Note.
    3. Save your changes.
  4. Send the following message to the user:

We have now processed this request. Your credit card validation has been removed and your credit card details have been deleted from your account.

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