CustomerDot Account Related Problems

Using the customer console for internal requests is only for special cases where the existing tools won’t allow us to complete the task at hand.


Sometime customers would have trouble accessing their account. This page would help you troubleshoot the problem.

Customer cannot sign in even after password reset

This could be due to the following reasons:

1. Password reset email was requested from

It’s possible that customer request password reset email from We can confirm this by searching through the mailgun log. To locate the password reset email:

  1. You can find the mailgun log in credential in 1password for support team.
  2. On the left panel, expand Sending and go to Logs
  3. On the top left, click the Domain dropdown and choose and enter the customer email to search for recent email. You can also search in domain to confirm whether the password reset email was requested on or on
  4. If no password reset was sent, we can issue a password reset email or ask the customer to request a password reset email from

2. The CustomersDot account has not been confirmed

When the account is not confirmed, the customer cannot log in. To view whether an account is confirmed:

  1. Sign into CustomerDot with your admin account
  2. Find the customer account
  3. Click on the i icon on the customer account or Show if you’re already viewing the account
  4. The confirmation is shown in Confirmed at field

3. The customer is trying to sign in using another email address

Situations may arise where a customer has used a different email address for their customers portal account and their account. It may also be possible that a customer has signed up more than once using different email addresses (e.g. and In scenarios such as these, please explain the differences to the customer, and clarify which email address they have have used for their GitLab subscription.

4. The customer hasn’t confirmed their email address

If the customer has not confirmed their email, we can resend the confirmation email using this form and get back to the customer.