Customer Use Case Adoption

Drive cross-functional alignment around use case adoption as the north star KPI and #1 predictor of Churn & Contraction.


This working group is charged with driving the necessary cross-functional alignment, prioritization, and execution required to deliver improved customer adoption of key use cases within the GitLab platform. Following the 2023-05-16 Sales Key Review, there was a high-priority focus on driving customer use case adoption as the north star KPI and #1 predictor of Churn & Contraction. The formation of this working group was a direct outcome to accelerate efforts to win against GitHub and reduce Churn & Contraction.

Desired Outcomes

  1. Drive cross-functional alignment around use case adoption across sales, customer success, product, data, finance, etc.
  2. Mature existing and new use cases and measures, including thresholds
  3. Build use cases as input into actions to drive the business

FY24 Refocusing of Working Group on CI Adoption

Effective 2023-08-17, the focus of the Customer Use Case Adoption working group pivoted explicitly to CI Adoption and driving the cross-functional workstreams required to achieve CI Adoption ARR of 50% by the end of FY24-Q3. Given the workstreams aligned upon, the expectation is that CI will be the only Use Case focused on by this working group for the remainder of FY24.


Property Value
Date Created 2023-05-16
Target End Date 2024-01-31
Slack #wg_customer-use-case-adoption
Google Doc Customer Use Case Adoption Scrum - Agenda
Epic - Primary Use Case Adoption Measurement & Improvement
Epic - CI Adoption Initiatives CI Adoption - Acceleration Proposals to drive CI ARR to 50% by FY24-Q3
Board CI Adoption Initiatives - FY24
Overview & Status See Exit criteria below

Exit criteria

Note that these goals are aspirational so we set a high bar (and potentially achieving something that is good enough vs. setting a low bar and not achieving something that is good enough).

  • Improve CI Adoption ARR from 40% to 50% by the end of FY24-Q3

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Sid Sijbrandij CEO
DRI/Facilitator David Tuan Director, Strategy and Operations
Functional Lead - CSM Sherrod Patching VP, Customer Success Management
Functional Lead - Enterprise Sales Mike Pyle VP of Enterprise Sales
Functional Lead - Marketing Dave Steer VP, Product Marketing
Functional Lead - Product Jackie Porter Director, Product Management
Functional Lead - Professional Services Kevin Lake VP of Professional Services
Functional Lead - Developer Relations Michael Friedrich Senior Developer Evangelist
Functional Lead - CI Adoption Data Michael Arntz Sales Strategy Manager
Member - Chief of Staff Team (CoST) Marshall Cottrell Principal Strategy and Operations
Member - Customer Success Management Luke Stahlman Senior Customer Success Manager
Member - Customer Success Management Rachel Fuerst Senior Public Sector Customer Success Manager
Member - Customer Success Operations Nishant Khanna Senior Customer Success Operations Analyst
Member - Digital Customer Success Michelle Harris Senior Program Manager, Customer Programs
Member - Documentation Susan Tacker Director, Technical Writing
Member - Growth Paige Cordero Senior Product Manager, Growth
Member - Marketing Saumya Upadhyaya Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Member - Marketing Dan Hom Product Marketing Manager
Member - Product Mike Flouton VP of Product Management
Member - Professional Services Niyati Shah Senior Director, Education Services
Member - Sales Strategy Brandon Butterfield Senior Sales Analytics Analyst

Multimodal Communication

  • Apply the following labels to issues and epics to enable tracking and team wide visibility
    • WorkingGroup::UseCaseAdoption
    • UseCase::CI
  • Apply the appropriate Working Group status labels for issues or epics
    • wg-status::Not Started
    • wg-status::Ready
    • wg-status::In Progress
    • wg-status::Blocked
    • wg-status::Complete
  • Formalize “asks” of the Working Group by filing an issue against the CI Adoption - Working Group Asks epic to enable cross-functional visibility, collaboration, and prioritization