AMER Licensing & Renewals Team

Information specific to the AMER region’s Licensing & Renewals Support Team


This page is meant to serve as documentation for information relevant specifically to the Americas (AMER) portion of the global Licensing & Renewals (L&R) Support Team. All specific regional goals, team structure, processes, etc., from AMER should be documented here for clarity, transparency and ease of collaboration.

Our team’s definition of success

Starting in FY23 Q4, the AMER L&R Team defines its success as:

Each SE is consistently able to devote appropriate attention to all aspects of the support engineer role

Key aspects of the success will be:

  1. Working consistently in accordance with a documented set of guidelines for accepting and prioritizing tickets
  2. Restoring and maintaining a proper scope of ticket work:
    1. No hacks, including Mechanizer
    2. No Sales support, only customer support
    3. No policy-making
  3. Making decisions according to a philosophy of: If it’s not supported we don’t support it
    • if the product can’t do something, we won’t support doing that thing with a hack or a workaround or anything else