Engineering Internship

Establish an Engineering Internship to Hire program


Property Value
Date Created March, 2022
End Date March 28, 2023
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Meetings This working group meets bi-weekly (every other week) on Tuesday 21:00 UTC
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Due to the high probability of discussing applicants, the recordings and documents are private and accessible by GitLab team members only.

Business Goal

  1. To run an inclusive engineering internship program to provide all qualifying candidates with a fair and equal opportunity. This program allows us to create opportunities for candidates, diversify the experience levels of our teams, and bring fresh perspectives to our initiatives.
  2. To establish processes and support to give our successful internship applicants the best chance to successfully complete the internship and onboard in a full-time role at GitLab.

This working group aims to build on the previous work from the internship-pilot program from 2020.

Exit Criteria

Stage 1: Establish the internship => 100%

  • ✅ Form a team to re-establish the engineering internship
  • ✅ Open an evergreen internship for applicants
  • ✅ Identify and work with several hiring managers to review, screen, and interview candidates for specific roles

Stage 2: Iterate on the process with a small number of teams => 100%

  • ✅ Create role specific recruitment funnels
  • ✅ Determine requirements and benchmarks for technical interviews
  • ✅ Support managers, teams, and interns through the first round of internships
  • ✅ Re-introduce the Junior level, renamed Associate, and add as a pathway from internship

Stage 3: Plan for FY24 => 0%

  • ✅ Work through options to extend the internship in FY24

Options to extend the internship program for Engineering in FY24 and beyond are being worked through as part of the recruitment team emerging talent program.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Christopher Lefelhocz VP of Development
Facilitator Phil Calder Senior Engineering Manager
Functional Lead Ursela Knezevic Director, R&D Recruiting
Functional Lead Sherida McMullan VP, Diversity Inclusion, and Belonging
Functional Lead Giuliana Lucchesi Manager, People Business Partner
Member Darva Satcher Director of Engineering
Member Wayne Haber Director of Engineering
Member Thomas Woodham Senior Engineering Manager
Member Matt Allen Senior Technical Recruiter
Member Mon Ray Engineering Manager
Member Kamil Niechajewicz Engineering Manager
Member Amar Patel Engineering Manager