GCP Partnership Working Group

Better together with GCP and GitLab


Property Value
Date Created 2023-08-01
End Date TBD
Slack #wg_gcp-partnership (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc GCP Working Group Google Doc (only accessible from within the company)
Issue Label WorkingGroup::GCP Partnership


Topic GCP GitLab
CI/CD Patrick Faucher Jackie Porter
Artifact & Metadata Rishi Mukhopadhyay Tim Rizzi
Onboarding Patrick Faucher Omar Fernandez
Design/UX Pedro Moreira da Silva

Overview & Goals

This is a cross-functional working group to establish a better together vision and experience for GCP/GitLab users and customers. This working group plans to deliver some meaningful improvements to integration, user experiences in GCP and GitLab to make it easier than ever to use GitLab for GCP products.

  1. Internal Google Drive
  2. Internal GitLab project
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