Token Management Working Group

The charter of this working group is to drive improvements for token management.


Property Value
Date Created August 16, 2022
Date Ended April 25, 2023
Slack #wg_token (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Token Management Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)


Out of due diligence and responsibility to GitLab users, the Token Management Working Group will work towards building a foundation and path forward for future token management security enhancements. This will be accomplished through the creation and publication of a token management security policy and proposed fixes for the high risk and low effort token management issues. With this, the Token Management Working Group will set up the fast follow on mid to long term token management security enhancement effort for success. For additional detail please visit our Token Leaks internal handbook page. All the tokens will be stored in GitLab the application as we ship it to users and customers. By dogfooding these enhancements and making improvements to meet our own security needs, we will improve token management and protection of secrets for all users, becoming better stewards of our user’s secrets.

Exit Criteria

The Token Management Working Group will deliver:


The retrospective for the Token Working Group was conducted on 2023-04-25 and details can be found in the retro issue.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Facilitator James Ritchey Sr. Security Engineering Manager
Executive Stakeholder Laurence Bierner Director Security Engineering
Member Joaquin Fuentes Director Security Operations
Member Valentine Mairet SIRT Manager
Member Philippe Lafoucrière Security Architect
Member Andrew Kelly AppSec Manager
Member Chris Moberly Red Team Manager
Member Connor Gilbert Sr. Product Manager, Secure:Static Analysis
Member Grzegorz Bizon Principal Engineer, Ops
Member Stan Hu Engineering Fellow
Member Michelle Gill Senior Engineering Manager, Manage
Member Hannah Sutor Senior Product Manager, Manage:Auth
Member Alex Hanselka Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Member Dominic Couture Staff Security Engineer, Application Security
Member Thomas Woodham Senior Engineering Manager, Secure
Member Amar Patel Engineering Manager, Secure:Static Analysis
Member Zach Rice Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Member Lucas Charles Staff Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Member Dennis Appelt Staff Security Engineer, Security Research
Member Mark Loveless Staff Security Engineer, Security Research
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