Updating customer organization name

This page is about steps to updating customer’s organization name.

General workflow

Updating company name would involve updating information on:

  1. CustomersDot
  2. SFDC
  3. Zuora

Before processing the request, please ask the customer for legal proof of organization name change and previous invoice.

We can provide the following instruction to update the CustomersDot information:

  1. Sign into customers portal
  2. Navigate to My AccountAccount details
  3. Change the Company name in Company details

This will update future auto-generated invoices. To change the name in Zuora, use the ZenDesk macro Support::L&R::Zuora Contact Change and submit the ticket as Open.

To change the name in SFDC, find the account in Salesforce and chatter the Sales support team ([at]sales-support) as well as the account manager, letting them know about the change. Include the ticket link as reference.