FY22-Q2 OKRs

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This fiscal quarter will run from May 1, 2021 to July 31,2021.


1. CEO: New delivery methods launched

Epic 1422

  1. CEO KR: Complete a functional prototype of GitLab Horse. Issue 11225
  2. CEO KR: Complete Product & Development work for Cloud Licensing. Issue 11226
  3. CEO KR: 5 ‘Upgrade features’ available (when going from CE to EE). Issue 11227

2. CEO: SaaS Usability improvement

Epic 1423

  1. CEO KR: Improve SUS to 72.5. Issue 11228
  2. CEO KR: 10k product expertise certifications. Issue 11229
  3. CEO KR: GitLab Region in alpha (sharded DB Gitaly style). Issue 11230

3. CEO: Sustained long-term growth

Epic 1424

  1. CEO KR: ‘DevOps Platform ambassador’ marketing group reaching 100k people. Issue 11231
  2. CEO KR: First Order Large SAOs back on the yearly plan. Issue 11406
  3. CEO KR: Ensure the Talent Acquisition Team’s capacity is aligned with the hiring goals by the end of Q2. Issue 11407
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