FY21-Q3 OKRs

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This fiscal quarter will run from August 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020.



Epic 720

  1. CEO KR: Achieve a CAC Revenue Ratio < $X
    1. CFO: Drive strategic alignment through financial insights. Epic 799
    2. CRO: Deliver three pilot programs to increase iACV / decrease Sales and Marketing expense. Epic 797
    3. CMO: Segment our database. Epic 1331
  2. CEO KR: Achieve new logo targets for each of the three segments.
    1. CRO: Achieve new logo targets for each of the three segments. Epic 808
    2. CFO: Drive strategic alignment through financial insights. Epic 799
    3. CMO: Refresh about.gitlab.com. Epic 1330
  3. CEO KR: Double down on what works in marketing.
    1. CMO: ROI analysis of FY20 marketing spend. Epic 1332
  4. Chief Technology Officer: Run GitLab.com more efficiently.Issue 8303
  5. Senior Director, People Success 5,000 all remote certifications taken by people at enterprise companies Epic 38
  6. CLO - Contracts: Create and launch “Learning GitLab Legal”. Epic 738
  7. Chief of Staff to the CEO: Entry assessment and action plan for high potential market. Epic 890

Epic 722

  1. CEO KR: Continue winning against Microsoft Azure GitHub. Improve our competitive win rate from X to Y.
    1. CRO: Enable top competitor GTM competitive initiatives. Epic 809
    2. EVP, Product: Web and Git response time performance for GitLab.com as fast as GitHub.com. Epic 732
    3. CMO: Launch main competitor strategy across GitLab. Epic 1333
    4. CLO - Privacy: Implement New Privacy Specific Training Module Epic 741
  2. CEO KR: Drive combined monthly active users, CMAU and Paid TMAU, from X to Y.
    1. EVP, Product: Increase TMAU by 17% and Paid TMAU by 26% to help drive paid conversion Epic 731
    2. VP, Product: Shift R&D organization to become Pajamas First to improve efficiency and user experience Epic 734
  3. CEO KR: Complete three key packaging projects.
    1. EVP, Product: Complete mission critical packaging projects to help improve product margins Epic 733
  4. Chief Technology Officer: Increase dogfooding, performance, and productivity. Issue 8303
  5. Senior Director, People Success: 100% of GitLab team members are certified in how to use GitLab Epic 39

3. CEO: Great team

Epic 721

  1. CEO KR: Exceed 50% top of funnel from outreach and 90% of outreach to candidates from underrepresented groups.
    1. CFO: Institute public company financial reporting standards. Epic 800
    2. Senior Director, People Success: Support an environment where all team members feel they belong, are valued, and can contribute; understand the key drivers for team member engagement and continuously improve. Epic 40
    3. VP of Talent Acquisition: Implement Phase II of Outbound Talent Acquisition model. Epic 42
    4. People Group Leadership: Increase diversity and sense of belonging across the company. Epic 41
  2. CEO KR: Certify 25 non-engineering team members in self-serve data via handbook first materials
    1. CFO: Using only handbook content, 25 people pass a Knowledge Assessment and are Certified to build their own dashboards or develop their own SQL based on either the Product Geolocation or Customer Segmentation data subject areas. Epic 801
  3. CEO KR: Certify 25% of people leaders through manager enablement certification. Epic
  4. Chief Technology Officer:: Expand the capabilities of our team. Epic 8303
  5. CLO - Contracts: Develop knowledge base and playbook related to legal engagement with respect to GitLab procurement.Epic 737
  6. CLO - Employment: Update onboarding process. Epic 745
  7. CLO - Corporate: Institute a bounty program for GitLab Team Members to locate and identify edits needed in the Handbook. Epic 744

Pre-Meeting Recordings

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  • Legal
  • Marketing
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