FY24-Q1 OKRs

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This fiscal quarter will run from February 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023.

The source of truth for FY24-Q1 OKRs will be in GitLab.

OKR Schedule

In order to start dogfooding OKRs in GitLab, we are using a modified schedule for FY24-Q1 OKRs. We will resume the by-the-book schedule for next quarter’s OKRs.

Modified Schedule for FY24-Q1

OKR schedule Week of Task
-5 2022-12-26 CEO shares top goals with E-group for feedback
-4 2023-01-02 CEO shares top goals in #okrs Slack channel
-4 2023-01-02 E-group propose OKRs for their functions in the OKR draft review meeting agenda
-3 2023-01-09 E-group 50 minute draft review meeting
-2 2023-01-16 E-group discusses with their respective teams and polishes OKRs
-2 2023-01-23 CEO top goals available in GitLab
-2 2023-01-23 Function OKRs are put into GitLab and links are shared in #okrs Slack channel
-1 2023-01-23 CEO reports post links to final OKRs in #okrs slack channel and @ mention the CEO and CoS to the CEO for approval
0 2023-01-30 CoS to the CEO updates OKR page for current quarter to be active and includes CEO level OKRs with consideration to what is public and non-public


The source of truth for GitLab OKRs and KRs is GitLab. CEO objectives and KRs are captured on this page.

1. CEO: Increase adoption through customer results and increasing operating income (NGOI)

  1. CEO KR: Increase Ultimate adoption by X% and prevent churn by Y% versus current FY24-Q1 estimates
  2. CEO KR: Improve GitLab subscription purchase and management by completing 4 Fulfillment Efficiency initiatives
  3. CEO KR: Deliver Value Stream Dashboards MVC 1 Beta

2. CEO: Mature the Platform to be the leading DevSecOps platform

  1. CEO KR: Complete BIC comparison for each stage in internal handbook
  2. CEO KR: Complete delta BIC improvements for 5 stages, baseline all remaining stages
  3. CEO KR: Deliver 31 of 31 dropdown pajamas components, resolve 26 Usability Benchmarking Issues (Secure, Release, and Create) and complete Usability Benchmarking for Verify
  4. CEO KR: Achieve AI Assisted Code Suggestions MVC open beta (AI Assisted BIC)

3. CEO: Grow careers through encouraging a customer result mindset

  1. CEO KR: Get closer to our customers through conducting value stream assessments with 100% of global top 30 customers by Ultimate ARR
  2. CEO KR: Increase underrepresented group manager from 13% to >=15% (US)
  3. CEO KR: [Maintain GitLab’s fast pace through delivering first Elevate trainings and improving post-onboarding survey scores: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/gitlab-OKRs/-/work_items/16
  4. CEO KR: Co-create with our customers by activating 20 leading orgs: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/gitlab-OKRs/-/work_items/17
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