Vue.js 3 Migration Working Group

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Property Value
Date Created 2023-02-10
Target End Date 2023-10-31
Slack #wg_vue3_migration (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
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Overview & Status See Exit Criteria Progress


Vue.js 3 is the latest version of the frontend framework used by GitLab.

With 2023-12-31 Vue.js 2 (which is currently the version used by GitLab) reaches official end-of-life, including security updates and browser compatibility which might affect entire GitLab users.

Additionally, current GitLab codebase relies on subset of libraries which were not updated to be compatible with Vue 3 which might pose additional risks during migration.

We want to ensure that we are not creating additional security risks for our users by using an unmaintained version of a framework. At the same time increasing developer productivity by using new features of the latest version of the framework. Also an upgrade to Vue.js 3 hopefully will result in performance gains through out the application of 20-30% and most probably even more for heavy frontend applications like Code Review for example.

Exit Criteria

This Working Group has the following goals:

  1. Ensure all GitLab projects (including, but not limited to, customers portal, status page, etc.) are using latest Vue.js version
  2. Develop & Socialize upgrade strategy for Vue.js 3.
    1. Identify dependencies which are blocking upgrade and ensure that decisions regarding these dependencies will be taken in timely fashion.
    2. Ensure visibility of upgrade process on per-application level
    3. Promote new patterns and update handbook with guidelines appropriate for new framework version
  3. Develop a Rollout Strategy and Plan for gradual migration
    1. Create tooling and proper infrastructure to be able to use both framework versions in production during migration process.
    2. Ensure our test suite could be run using both versions of Vue.js to embrace values of iteration of results and allow gradual migration of codebase to Vue.js 3
    3. Implement compatibility layer for unifying differences between framework versions
    4. Create automated tooling (where applicable) to migrate existing Vue.js 2 code to be compatible with latest framework version
    5. Create deprecation strategy for patterns and solutions which are not compatible with Vue.js 3 to rest of the teams
  4. Develop and implement a communication plan for the outcomes of the working group.

Exit Criteria Progress

Criteria Start Date Completed Date Progress DRI
Use Vue.js 3 for running test suites 0% @you?
Vue.js 3 upgrade tasks and testing for all groups available 0% @you?
Vue.js 3 upgrade tasks and testing by all groups completed. 0% @you?
Use @vue/compat for Vue-related projects 0% @you?
Drop Vue.js 2 support 0% @you?

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Tim Zallmann Senior Director of Engineering
Co-Facilitator Martin Wortschack Engineering Manager, Manage:Import
Functional Lead Illya Klymov Senior Frontend Engineer, Manage:Import
Functional Lead Natalia Tepluhina Principal Engineer, Plan
Functional Lead Stanislav Lashmanov Senior Frontend Engineer, Create: Code Review
Functional Lead Andrew Fontaine Senior Frontend Engineer, Release
Member Mark Florian Staff Frontend Engineer, Manage:Foundations
Member Laura Meckley Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment::Billing & Subscription Mgmt
Member Andrei Zubov Frontend Engineer, Release
Member Artur Fedorov Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Member Frédéric Caplette Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Pipeline Authoring
Member Eduardo Sanz Garcia Senior Frontend Engineer, Manage:Authentication and Authorization
Member Ross Byrne Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Acquisition
Member Samantha Ming Senior Frontend Engineer, Govern:Threat Insights
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