Zendesk L&R Ticket Form

This page is about Zendesk workflows for the L&R form.

This page outlines workflows relevant to folks using the L&R form in Zendesk.

Working on tickets

Selecting, Assigning and Responding to Tickets

Support Engineers that work on Licensing and Renewal (L&R) tickets should apply the same guidelines documented within the Support - Working on Tickets workflow:

  1. Selecting tickets
  2. Assigning tickets
  3. Responding to next-to-breach ticket, both your own and responding to other SEs tickets

The workflow

  1. Check the main L&R view and work on the next-to-breach ticket:
  2. Take assignment of the ticket if it is currently unassigned
  3. Write your public reply
  4. If the ticket is an Internal Request, review whether the Priority is appropriate. If it is not, set the Priority field to the appropriate value and notify the requester of the change and of your reasoning. (A macro for this may soon be available)
  5. Complete the remaining form data
  6. If you are not able to make a public reply, please ask for assistance from your colleagues to take assignment and drive the ticket forward
  7. If you are waiting on internal stakeholders and processes to be completed before being able to set a ticket to Solved:
  8. Advise the customer that we will reply in X days.
  9. Set Status: On-hold
  10. Set Type: Task
  11. Click: Submit as On-hold
  12. Use the Calendar on the sidebar to set a reminder for yourself to check in with the customer X days
  13. Click: Submit as On-hold

Zendesk form data overview

On the left sidebar in Zendesk in the ticket view, every form has data fields unique to that form. These data fields tell us more about the ticket, from the tags to the ticket type, the ARR and the information the customer filled out when submitting the ticket.

In L&R, the tickets that come into our queue are of interest to teams outside of Support. Therefore, it’s important that we gather accurate data about the tickets that we interact with. The form data completed on each ticket is taken into account for existing metrics dashboards and for any future data queries we may want to make. For examples of metrics dashboards that rely on L&R ticket data see the L&R Dashbaord and the Support Metrics Dashboard.

Zendesk form data guideline

Completing ticket data can be a very subjective process - the ticket might arguably be about two different things and it’s up to the engineer to decide how to best categorise the ticket. It’s more important to complete the data than to be objectively correct about what type of ticket it is.

Two ways of thinking about ticket data selection:

  1. What is the reason this ticket exists? i.e why did the customer create this ticket? Example reasons could be: system bug, needs assistance to complete provisioning, has inquiry about payment.
  2. What would have prevented the ticket from existing? For example, if they knew how to reset their password or manage their account (ticket type: account management), or if they knew who their Sales rep was and was able to contact the rep (ticket type: Sales assistance required), the customer wouldn’t have needed to submit a ticket.

Please also see the table below as a guideline on what Transaction issue type can be selected for scenarios:

Transaction issue type Sub-type Scenario
Billing & Payment (refunds, cancellations, payment questions) Requests for refunds or cancellations + questions about payment and billing
EDU/OSS/Startups EDU account inquiries Requests/inquiries for the Education team. Follow workflow
EDU/OSS/Startups OSS account inquiries Requests/inquiries for the OSS team. Follow workflow
Sales-assistance required Alternate payment method (Wire Transfer) Customer wants to pay via wire transfer
Sales-assistance required Order form / PO Customer wants to pay via Order form or purchase order
Sales-assistance required Reseller Request is from a reseller or reseller customer
Sales-assistance required Discount request Customer inquires about a discount
Sales-assistance required New business No prior purchases and needs a sales quote
Sales-assistance required Trueups Customer has to pay for trueups via sales
Sales-assistance required Other Request requires Sales assistance for another reason
Trial-related inquiries Trial start Ticket is about starting a trial
Trial-related inquiries Trial extension Ticket is about extending a trial
Trial-related inquiries Trial cancellation Ticket is about cancelling a trial or downgrading to Free plan
Trial-related inquiries Trial downgrade Ticket is about downgrading a trial plan (from Ultimate to Premium)
Product or Process question Free form Please describe the ticket type in the text field. Any questions about how our products or processes work (except for questions about billable members and seat usage)
License troubleshooting (SM only) Trueup Self-managed license issue is caused by trueups
License troubleshooting (SM only) Prior user count Self-managed license issue is caused by previous user count
License troubleshooting (SM only) Never generated Self-managed license was never generated (and it should have been)
License troubleshooting (SM only) Active users Self-managed license issue is caused by active users count
License troubleshooting (SM only) Multi-year license Self-managed license is a multi-year license
License troubleshooting (SM only) Not received Self-managed license was not received by the requestor
License troubleshooting (SM only) Other Self-managed license issue is caused by another reason not listed
Associate namespace (Gitlab.com only) Use when we have to help with provisioning of gitlab.com subscription
Account management (reset password, update details) Account-related requests or questions like how to get into an account or update the payment method
Contact management Requests or questions about changing the contact for an account or namespace
End of Availability (EOA) Any questions or requests relating to the end of the Bronze/Starter tier and the offers for the new subscription model
System bugs & incidents CustomersDot Bug or error is caused by an issue in our CustomersDot application
System bugs & incidents GitLab.com Bug or error is caused by an issue in our gitlab.com application
System bugs & incidents License app Bug or error is caused by an issue in our License application
System bugs & incidents GitLab version Bug or error is caused by an issue in the version of Gitlab running on the SM instance
Plan Change (upgrade, downgrade, product transfer) Request to change a subscription by upgrade, downgrade or switching from self-managed to SaaS (or vice-versa)
Consumption (Compute, Storage) Compute Any questions or requests about compute minutes in gitlab.com
Consumption (Compute, Storage) Storage Any questions or requests about Storage in gitlab.com
Billable members and seats related question Questions specifically related to billable members and seat usage
Other Free form Please describe the ticket type in the text field

The GitLab Issues field

The GitLab Issues text field is available on all L&R tickets and should be completed whenever applicable. The purpose of this field is to capture links to existing issues. This field is specifically relevant to Fulfillment PMs who will be able to see an overview of any repeating or high volume issues, which they can then prioritise in upcoming milestones. Examples of when to use the field:

  1. There is a feature issue that, if implemented, would have prevented this ticket from being created.
  2. There is a bug issue that can be replicated on the ticket.

This is a great way to log and get metrics for bugs and features that might need more attention from the product team as we can see numbers climb for an issue in real time. Please complete this field with a link to an issue whenever possible.