Learning Restructure Working Group

The GitLab Learning Restructure Working Group aims to create a plan and processes for ensuring a high quality learning experience for users


Property Value
Date Created 2021-09-20
End Date 2022-01-05
Slack #wg-learning restructure (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Learning Restructure Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
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Business Goal

  1. Fix key current pain points in trainings. Specifically:
    1. Inefficiency
      1. Lack of clarity on training ownership
      2. Duplication in training content
    2. A sub-optimal user experience
      1. Need greater clarity on which part of the training is for what and who
  2. Determine ongoing plan, processes, and ownership for future training coordination

Exit Criteria

Update /Learn

  1. Inventory existing training programs to establish a SSoT ==> Complete, established in GitLab Learn
  2. Update https://about.gitlab.com/learn/ to capture SSoT and provide more clarity on which training is for what ==> Complete

Create future coordination processes and plan

  1. Document in the Handbook a process that DRIs working on learning content will follow to keep GitLab Learnup-to-date, to ensure it remains the SSOT of GitLab-produced learning content. This will include existing content and planned content. ==> Complete, documented and established #gitlab-learn-updates Slack channel for reminders to update and x-team communications.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Sid Sijbandij CEO
Facilitator Stella Treas Chief of Staff to the CEO
Facilitator Omar Fernandez Director, Strategy and Operations
Functional Lead Kris Reynolds Manager, Field Enablement Programs
Functional Lead Josh Zimmerman Manager, Learning and Development
Functional Lead Tye Davis Manager, Technical Marketing
Functional Lead Ed Cepulis Sr. Director, Channel Programs & Enablement
Functional Lead Michael Lutz Sr. Director, Professional Services
Functional Lead Christina Hupy Manager, Education Program
Member Samantha Lee Learning and Development Generalist
Member Thabo Bopape Senior Technical Enablement Program Manager
Member Kendra Marquart Sr. Technical Instructional Designer, Customer Education
Member Christopher Wang Senior Sales Development Solutions Architect
Member Marshall Cottrell Strategy and Operations Principal


Meetings notes document open to all team members.