Transient bugs

Build tooling for transient issues and outline process for sustainable early mitigations


Property Value
Date Created November 16, 2020
Date Ended February 23, 2021
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Business Goal

Build tooling for transient issues and outline process to sustainable prevent transient issues early on.

Transient bugs have become our focus in FY21Q4 OKRs. We have multiple cross-functional efforts and KRs in both Development and Quality and want to shore-up the momentum on addressing these issues earlier with the appropriate tooling and process in place.

Exit Criteria (100% progress)

  1. Reword Engineering FY21Q4 OKRs to reflect proactive mitigation of transient issues. => 100%
  2. Build transient developer tooling to help reproduce transient bugs locally. => 100%
  3. Build transient test pipeline to help detect transient bugs (GDK,CI,Test flaky reports). => 100%, completed
  4. Identify top 3 product groups where fixing transient bugs can help increase GMAU. => 100%, analysis done, need to add to handbook
  5. Update our documentation on architectural patterns that can prevent transient bugs. => 100%
  6. Incorporate transient bugs into existing triage process and prioritization. => 100%, have minimal prioritization, working on triage automation
  7. Build a measurement to increase visibility of transient bugs. => 100%, there is now a transient bug dashboard in Sisense

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Christopher Lefelhocz VP of Development
Facilitator Mek Stittri Director of Quality
Functional Lead Tim Zallmann Director of Development, Dev
Functional Lead Ramya Authappan Quality Engineering Manager, Dev
Functional Lead Valerie Karnes Director of Product Design
Member Tanya Pazitny Quality Engineering Manager, Enablement
Member Darva Satcher Senior Engineering Manager, Create
Member Michelle Gill Engineering Manager, Create:Source Code
Member André Luís Engineering Manager, Create:Source Code, Create:Code Review
Member Phil Hughes Staff Frontend Engineer, Create:Code Review
Member Mark Lapierre Senior Software Engineer in Test, Create:Source Code
Member Sofia Vistas Software Engineer in Test, Package:Package
Member Erick Banks Senior Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Search
Member Tiffany Rea Software Engineer in Test, Verify:Continuous Integration