Merge Request Report Widgets Working Group

The GitLab Merge Request Report Widgets Working Group aim is to assist in implementing the UX Framework created for extending MRs with extensions. Read more!


Property Value
Date Created August 1, 2021
Target End Date January 31, 2022
Actual End Date August 18, 2022
Slack #wg_merge-request-report-widgets (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Merge Request Report Widgets Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Implementation discussion gitlab#333975
Pajamas documentation Region: Merge request reports
Design specs Pajamas UI Kit
Associated OKRs product#2872
DRIs for each Widget DRI list


The working group ensures consistent alignment and development of all Merge Request (MR) Report Widgets. By synchronizing a collection of independently created widgets into a single report region, a code reviewer should have an easier time reviewing the merge request analysis and determining next steps.

The working group is tasked with creating a joint codebase where consistency is at the core of each widget. It’s enforced and achieved by the codebase and established APIs.

Business goal

Drive forward the adoption goals through usability by facilitating improvements to merge requests that will positively impact the shared FY22-Q3 KR between Product and UX. By following the UX Framework, we ensure the level of maturity expected by customers dealing with merge requests. From now on, we will have clear and strict guidance to ensure sustainable and consistent growth for the MR Widget ecosystem.

The main target of the working group is not to implement everything themselves but rather keep the effort moving across the frontend engineering and UX groups in a constant pace and pick up key tasks.

Scope and definitions

Merge Request Reports Region

  • Area of the merge request with summaries of analysis done and proposed changes. This area resides in the *Overview- tab, between the description and comments or system notes.

Merge Request Widget Extensions

  • Each piece of software that presents summarized information for analysis performed.

Merge Request Widget Extension Component (docs)

  • Reusable component to allow each extension to customize the presentation of the information while still ensuring a consistent user and developer experience for all extensions attached to the merge request.

Exit criteria

  • Shepherd the implementation and redesign of 10 extensions (full list) that will be ported to fully use the new shared MR Widget Extension Component.
  • The shared component follows the Report regions design guidelines defined in the Pajamas Design System.
  • The documentation reflects the capabilities of the shared component.
  • Ensure there is clear documentation written for extending the component.


Documentation outcomes

Product outcomes

The screenshots below illustrate the Merge Request Report Widgets before and after the work delivered by the Working Group.


MR Widgets Before


MR Widgets After

Roles and responsibilities

The functional leads will be responsible for:

  • Representing the needs of individual stakeholders in their department/sub-dept.
  • Gathering and consolidating feedback on specific proposals from their department/sub-dept.
  • Communicating the output from the working group (if any) and answering questions from their dept/sub-dept.

Ideally, the functional lead is someone who is an IC working in the affected groups, but anyone capable of representing a group, department, or sub-department in the fashion mentioned above is welcome.

Working Group Role Person Stakeholder Dept. Title
Executive Sponsor Tim Zallmann Dev Director of Engineering, Dev
Facilitator André Luís Dev, Create:Code Review Frontend Engineering Manager
Functional Lead Tim Noah UX Senior Product Designer
Functional Lead Phil Hughes Create:Code Review Staff Frontend Engineer
Functional Lead José Iván Vargas López Verify:Pipeline Execution Senior Frontend Engineer
Functional Lead Scott Hampton Verify:Pipeline Security Engineering Manager
Functional Lead Savas Vedova Govern:Threat Insights Senior Frontend Engineer
Functional Lead Mark Florian Foundations Senior Frontend Engineer
Functional Lead Jannik Lehmann Secure Frontend Engineer
Functional Lead Jeremy Elder UX Staff Product Designer
Member Marcel van Remmerden UX Product Design Manager, Create
Member Kai Armstrong Product Sr. Product Manager, Create:Code Review
Member Rayana Verissimo UX Product Design Manager, CI/CD
Member Payton Burdette Verify:Pipeline Execution Senior Frontend Engineer
Member Pedro Moreira da Silva UX Staff Product Designer, Create:Code Review
Member Tomislav Nikić Quality Software Engineer in Test, Create:Code Review
Member Gina Doyle UX Senior Product Designer, Runner