Event Stream Working Group

Develop a plan to implement a system-wide event stream for GitLab


Property Value
Date Created 2021-09-20
Target End Date 2023-04-01
Slack #wg_event-stream (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Event Stream Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
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There are currnetly 3+ methods for publishing and listening to events withint the Gitlab product. There is no single standard for events and there is no standard way of publishing and subscribing to events from other Gitlab systems and services.

There is a growing need to standardize events and how to publish and consume them for both Gitlab.com and self-managed installs.

Working Group Goals

This Working Group has the following goals:

  1. Document the current event systems
  2. Document the currently identified use cases for an event stream
  3. Define and socialize an architecture for a standardized event stream and events
    1. Architecture Blueprint for Event Stream usage within Gitlab and self-managed
    2. Define sene and secure defaults. Provide security recommendations and guidelines.
  4. Define a rollout strategy and plan
    1. SaaS rollout strategy for current use cases
    2. Prepare the groundwork for adding the event stream to our reference architectures
  5. Develop a communication plan to socialize the outcome of the working group

Exit Criteria Progress

Criteria Start Date Completed Date Progress DRI
Document current event systems
Document use cases
Develop and social architecture stragety
Develop rollout stragegy
Develop and implement communication plan


What is an Event Stream?

An event stream is simply a stream of events that occur within the product. More specifically, for us at GitLab, it will involve the software changes we need to make in the product, event schemas and protocols, and infrastructure.

Potential Tools/Services

There are some tools/services that other companies are using for this

  1. Kafka
  2. NSQD
  3. RabbitMQ
  4. GCP PubSub

Exit Criteria

If it is decided that an Event Stream should be implemented, our exit criteria should be:

  1. Define the tool(s)/service(s) we should use for SaaS and on-prem (they might be different)
  2. Define system architecture
  3. Define an implementation plan and philosophy
  4. Define event structure

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Laurence Bierner Director, Security Engineering
Facilitator Alex Groleau Security Automation Manager
Functional Lead Juliet Wanjohi Security Engineer, Security Automation
Functional Lead Ethan Urie Senior Backend Engineer, Security Automation
Functional Lead Jayson Salazar Senior Security Engineer, Security Automation
Functional Lead Alexander Chueshev Senior Backend Engineer, AI Framework
Member David DeSanto Senior Director, Product Management - Dev & Sec
Member Taylor McCaslin Principal Product Manager, Secure
Member Alexander Dietrich Senior Security Engineer, Security Automation
Member Wayne Haber Engineering director
Member Bartek Marnane VP, Incubation Engineering
Member Roger Ostrander Senior Security Engineer, Trust & Safety
Member Shawn Sichak Senior Security Engineer, Trust & Safety
Member Chad Woolley Senior Backend Engineer, Create::Editor
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