People Group Tech Stack Guide

Reference for how Workday is implemented.

People Group Tech Stack Guide

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  • Description: Workday is used to store all team member information in one central location.
  • Provisioner: @Laura-Janssen @demina @anechan
  • Deprovisioner: Deprovisioned through Okta
  • Critical Systems Tier: Tier 2 Business Critical


Workday is being implemented in 3 phases:

Phase 1 (completed)

Go live date: 2022-06-16

Modules/functionality being implemented:

  • Human Capital Management (core team member information)
  • Job change workflows and processes (onboarding, offboarding, job changes)
  • Core Compensation
  • Integrations with other applications across GitLab
Workday will replace Workday will enhance Workday will integrate with What remains the same in this phase
BambooHR (with a few exceptions to certain business processes) Reporting, Auditing, Organization hierarchy, Management hierarchy, Business process workflows Greenhouse, Culture Amp, Navan Expense, LawLogix, Modern Health, Navex, Netsuite, E-trade, ADP, Okta, Nominator bot, People Connect bot, Employment Automations Time Off by Deel, BambooHR Documents, BambooHR Contractor Invoices

Details of each integration including frequency can be found in the Workday Guide

Phase 2

Go live date for: 2022-10-14 (in progress)

Modules/functionality being implemented:

  • Talent Optimization

Go live date for: 2023-01-06 (in progress)

Modules/functionality being implemented:

  • Benefits - US Only
  • Absence Management
  • Advanced Compensation
  • Integrations
Workday will replace
Talent Assessment Tool, Compaas (Compensation planning tool), PlanSource, Internal Employment Automations

Phase 3

Go live date: To be determined

Modules/functionality being implemented:

  • Continuation of absence management plans

System Diagrams

Workday is GitLab’s new People technology cloud solution that will help us scale as we grow and is designed to provide a simple team member experience. It will replace our current BambooHR system.



graph LR
    G[Greenhouse]--> |Platypus| WD[Workday]
    WD --> WK(Workato)
    WK --> MH[ModernHealth]
    WK --> LG[LawLogix]
    WK --> EN[Navan Expense & Netsuite]
    WK --> NX[Navex Global]
    WD --> EB(EIB)
    EB --> CA[Culture Amp]
    EB --> ET[E-Trade]
    WD --> |CCTPP| AD[ADP WorkForce Now]
    EB --> PL[PlanSource]
    WD --> |stitch| EDW[Snowflake Enterprise Data Warehouse]
    WD --> OK(Okta)
    OK --> TA(TripActions)
    WD --> |Custom| EA[Employment Automations]

CCTP = Cloud Connect Third Party Payroll EIB = Enterprise Interface Builder

Key Reports / Dashboards

People Analytics Hub - This is a location on Sisense that groups all the dashboards that exist around People Data.