Enterprise Market Leadership Working Group

Learn more about how GTM and Product Management are working together to support the enterprise market leadership!


Property Value
Date Created May 20,2022
Target End Date July 28, 2022
Slack #wg_ent-mkt-leadership (only accessible by GitLab team members)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda (only accessible by GitLab team members)
Docs TBD
Issues TBD
Label TBD
Associated KPIs/OKRs Increase market share in the enterprise segment
GitLab group for working group TBD

Business Goals

  1. Increase enterprise market deal support related to the DevOps Platform.
  2. Increase market share in the enterprise segment.

Protocols and Processes

  1. We will have a recurring bi-weekly sync with the working group
  2. We will use a issue board for assigning tasks and delegating efforts across the working group
  3. We will track efforts in phases, which will be broken up into epics
  4. The DRI for this effort is Jackie Porter and investment cases will be approved via the VP of Product Management

Exit Criteria

  1. Craft a vision to deliver on the needs of the enterprise market.
  2. Establish business cases/investment cases to accelerate most critical scope.
  3. Deliver iteration plan for vision.
  4. Deliver updates to Product Marketing Platform Content.
  5. Deliver market research (e.g. message testing).
  6. PMs to prioritize iteration plans.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor David DeSanto VP, Product
Facilitator Jackie Porter Director, Product Management
Contributor Dave Steer VP, Product Marketing
Contributor Brian Wald Director, Strategic Field
Contributor Lee Faus Global Field CTO
Contributor Francis Ofungwu Global Field CISO


Meetings are recorded and available on YouTube in the Working Group - Enterprise Market Leadership playlist. The playlist is private (GitLab Internal Only) due to the nature of the material covered in the call.