Expense Management Working Group

The business goal of GitLab expense management group is ensure efficient expense management in line with GitLab values


Property Value
Date Created 2021-07-20
Estimated Date Ended 2021-04-30
Slack #expense_management_nirvana - (only accessible from within the company to a private group)
Google Doc Expense Mangement Working Group - Agenda

Business Goal

Ensure that our expense policy relects GitLab’s spend company money like its your own operating principle while being highly efficient for accounting and other team members.

This will include:

  1. Providing clarity around how to interpret the operating principle
  2. Updating the purchase recommendations page in the handbook
  3. Evaluating current expense infrastruture and making any required changes
  4. Updating current expense processes and policies and making any required changes
  5. Manager enablement and training

Exit Criteria

Updated expense policy and processes in line with GitLab’s spend company money like its your own operating principle that are clearly documented in the handbook.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person
Facilitator Stella Treas
Functional Lead(s) Bryan Wise
Member Aleisha Hansen, Dale Brown, Urja Patel, Simon Liang, Misty Brown, Lis Vinueza
Executive Stakeholder Brian Robins
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