Handling flagged licensing provisioning failures

How to handle flagged licensing provisioning failures

The Provision tracking system provides a means of monitoring provision failures via a failure alerting system in the Slack channel #provision_failures so that the Fulfillment Product Team and the L&R Support Team can be made aware quickly when a failure occurs and act upon it.

Workflow for handling Provisioning failures

  1. The Fulfillment Team will monitor the Slack channel for provisioning failures. The following link provides information on the Provision Failure Monitoring process from the Provisioning team perspective.
  2. If the Fulfillment Team is unable to resolve a failed provision then they will request help from L&R Support via the following the internal request form. The criteria for submission are:
    • If Fulfillment requires L&R Support intervention to fix something for the customer, OR
    • The root cause of the issue is already fixed or being fixed, so it’s not going to be an ongoing failure case
  3. In such situations the Support Engineer should open a ticket on behalf of the customer to inform them of the issue and offer them a solution or workaround if one is available. The Support Engineer can communicate if required with the Provisioning submitter via the raised Zendesk ticket.
  4. If required, the Support Engineer can also submit a new bug issue, update (requesting higher prioritization or feedback) an existing issue or create a new feature request as outlined in the GitLab handbook section Managing Product Issues
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