Tracked Jetbrains Issues


This is a list of all JetBrains issues which are relevant to GitLab, and we want to follow/upvote in hopes that they eventually get fixed.

Here’s the main issue trackers to look for existing issues before reporting a new one:

Each issue we track should have a H3 section under the Open Issues section below. This could be in table format, but Markdown tables are hard to maintain, and headers have automatic anchor links.

Here’s a template example:

### RUBY-30422

- Title: Rename can be invoked in empty string shared_examples
- Link:
- Available In: 2022.3 (if the issue is closed, omit this line if the issue is still open)
- Notes: (anything for easy searching within this page, e.g. mention `noinspection` if this is a
  bug for a false positive `noinspection` comment.

When an issue is fixed, verify it yourself, and move the issue’s entry from the Open Issues to the Closed Issues section for reference by people who may still be on an older IDE version. It can be deleted after it has been fixed for one or two IDE releases.

Many of these issues are related to the suppression of Code Inspection false positives via # noinspection ... comments

When an issue related to noinspection is resolved and included in a released version of the IDE:

  1. Search the codebase for the corresponding noinspection using the issue id (e.g. RUBY-25400)
  2. Remove the noinspection comment and run Inspect Code on the file to ensure it is fixed.
  3. Move the issue’s entry from the Open Issues to the Closed Issues section as described above.

Open Issues

Keep these sections sorted alphabetically. They are headers so that they can be directly linked.


  • Title: Invalid RailsParamDefResolve warning when table name does not match class name
  • Link:
  • Notes:
    • Requires # noinspection RailsParamDefResolve and other noinspection comments.
    • This is likely due to our non-standard naming of the Clusters::Agent model, where the table is named cluster_agents and must be overridden with self.table_name = 'cluster_agents'. This also requires overrides and non-standard handling in GraphQL mutations. We should consider renaming this table or model to match standard rails naming conventions.





Closed Issues

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