Handling multi-year subscriptions

How to handle GitLab multi-year subscriptions

From time to time, you will run into cases where customer has a multi-year subscription. This is only possible if a subscription is purchased through Sales, since there’s no option to make a multi-year subscription from CustomersDot.

Problems with multi-year subscriptions

  1. Multi-year subscriptions on a legacy license are automatically generated for the first year only. Multi-year subscriptions on cloud licensing and offline cloud licensing are generated for the full subscription term. Read more at Licensing FAQ.


Confirm customer subscription

To check whether the customer has a multi-year subscription:

  1. Navigate to Saleforce and locate the relevant opportunity which generally has a Close date in the recent past
  2. Click on the opportunity → search for quotes → click on the most recent quote
  3. Search for Renewal Term, which shows the subscription term for the quote in months

Handling the request

After confirmation and before generating a new license with a proper Start date and End date for the customer, please ask the customer for their system information using the ZenDesk Subscriptions::Active Users macro.

  1. If there are not any Users over license, proceed to generate the new license.
    • Please note: licenses for multi-year subscriptions are issued in 12 month blocks
    • Amend the dates to match the relevant time interval - for example, the second annual license for a multi year subscription would have the original start and expiry dates, with an additional year added to both.
    • For example, Start date: 2021-05-01 and End date: 2022-05-01 would become 2022-05-01 and 2023-05-01, respectively.
    • Do not tick the trial checkbox, as this is not a trial!
    • Use the previous year license Users count as the new license Previous Users Count
  2. If there are Users over license, confirm that they are accounted for in the quote. Otherwise, follow the Working with sales workflow. We can generate a new license once the Users over license has been paid for.