Revenue Globalization Working Group

Expand GitLab’s global revenue footprint by building frameworks and systems to expand and focus on 5 priority countries for FY24


Property Value
Date Created 2022-06-30
Target End Date EO FY23
Slack #wg_globalization
(only accessible from within the company)
Agenda Doc Revenue Globalization WG (only accessible from within the company)
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Exit Criteria

This Working Group has the following exit criteria:

  1. Define criteria/defintion framework, deal scenario, risk matrix and departmenal action plan for entering and scaling within new countries
  2. Align on top 5 priority countries with most business impact for FY24
  3. Determine DRI to operationalize on-going globalization program and playbook


Deliver cross-functional revenue globalization priority frameworks and committed departmental action plans for top 5 countries.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Michael McBride CRO
Member Jake Bielecki VP, Sales Strategy & Analytics
Member Jack Caine Sr Manager, Sales Strategy
Member Alex Cohen Director, GTM Planning & Ops
Member Cheri Holmes CoS CRO
Member Eli Krohn VP, Revenue Ops
Member Mike Pyle VP, Enterprise Sales
Member Ryan O’Nell VP, Commercial Sales
Member Michelle Hodges VP, Global Channels
Member Christine Lee Sr Director, Marketing Operations
Member Ray Lehie VP, Marketing Strategy & Platforms
Member Carrie Maynard VP, Integrated Marketing
Member Jean-Baptiste Larramendy AVP, Sales Development
Member Orit Golowinski Director of Product, Dev
Member Sarah Waldner GMP, Create
Member Tim Zallmann Sr Director, Engineering
Member Pattie Egan VP, People Ops
Member Harley Devlin People Ops
Member Robert Allen VP Talent Acquisition
Member Emily Plotkin Sr Director, Legal
Member James Gladen VP, Tax
Member Craig Mestel VP, Finance & Business Technology
Member Urja Patel VP, Corporate Controller
Member Liz Petoskey Director, Strategy and Operations
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