Marking tickets as spam in Zendesk

Workflow for marking Zendesk tickets as spam or unsolicited email

Marking tickets as spam in Zendesk

Sometimes it can be necessary to mark a ticket as spam in Zendesk. There are two ways to do it:

Recommended way: click the arrow in the right part of a ticket and select Mark as spam:

Zendesk Mark as Spam

Marking a ticket as spam using this method suspends the end-user, and they won’t be able to submit tickets or access our Service Desk anymore. If you are unsure this measure should be applied, use the alternative method below.

Alternative method: open the ticket and select Spam macro in the list of macros. It will add a tag and solve the ticket once applied. The CSAT survey won’t be sent for tickets with this tag.

For more details about spam in Zendesk, see the issue Managing Spam Tickets.