Workflow for escalating Mattermost support issues.

Escalating to the Mattermost team

Mattermost has created a mattermost-support account in GitLab for support issues, and has subscribed to the mattermost label in the following projects:

  • omnibus-gitlab
  • gitlab-ce
  • gitlab-ee

When a GitLab EE customer hits a Mattermost issue and you cannot reasonably resolve the issue using existing documentation:

  • Do your best effort to make sure there is enough information to reproduce the issue
  • Submit the issue in one of the mentioned projects and apply mattermost label. When the label is applied, an email notification is sent to the technical support team who answers the question within two business days using the mattermost-support account.
  • For Priority support (Premium/Ultimate customers, additionally assign the issue to the mattermost-support account. This assignment sends an email notification, which is automatically escalated to the critical level technical support who answers the question within 4 hours using the mattermost-support account.

This information is taken from Service-Level Agreement (SLA) page of Mattermost docs.

NOTE: Note: The Mattermost team sometimes uses their personal accounts to respond to issues. jasonblais is one such account.

Other resources

  • Mattermost forum - has over a thousand people registered on the forum and every new question and answer makes thing easier to troubleshoot.