Contacting third parties

Support Operations policies page for contacting third parties

Our Zendesk instances use many third-party applications to help agents in their day-to-day tasks. Sometimes, we encounter issues specific to these the third-party applications that cannot be fully resolved by Support Ops. In such scenarios, the Support Ops team will need to contact the application’s support system.


  1. The agent or a Support Ops team member will create an issue in the Support Ops Project.
  2. The Support Ops DRI will then triage and investigate the issue at hand, which may include collecting items such as HAR files, Browser versions, and plugins.
  3. The Support Ops DRI will open a ticket with the third-party app’s support system, providing detailed information.
    • Always make sure to CC other Support Ops team members, especially a Support Ops Manager
  4. The Support Ops DRI will update all the responses received from the third-party app’s support team in the issue till the issue is fixed.


graph TD; A-->B; B-->C; C-->D; D-->E; E-->F; F-->G; G-->H; H-->I; A(An issue occurs with a third-party app) B(Whomever discovered the issue reaches out to Support Ops) C(If there is no issue, Support Ops creates an issue) D(A Support Ops DRI is determined) E(Support Ops DRI investigates) F(Once the investigation is taken as far as possible, Support Ops DRI reaches out to app support) G(Support Ops DRI ensures other Support Ops team members are CC'd) H(Support Ops DRI updates issue as they receive updates from app support) I(Once the issue is resolved, Support Ops DRI closes the issue)
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