FY22-Q3 OKRs

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This fiscal quarter will run from August 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021.


1. CEO: GitLab Managed future

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  1. CEO KR: Drive 100% of identified SaaS First improvements to completion. Issue 12066
  2. CEO KR: Launch Beta of Project Horse and onboard at least one customer (internal or external); Validate and deliver a horizontal scaling plan for GitLab (either database or application (Pod) scaling) aligned with Infrastructure, Engineering, and CEO. Issue 12067
  3. CEO KR: Build Workspace core container in FY22Q3, enable Issue Types and move Labels from Plan capabilities, and setup path to enable enterprise critical instance level features for SaaS customers in FY22Q4. Issue 12068

2. CEO: Conversion from free

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  1. CEO KR: Cloud licensing for 100% of new and renewing subscriptions. Issue 12069
  2. CEO KR: Improve the current Golden Journey conversion rate from Verify to Release by 5%. Issue 12075
  3. CEO KR: Increase funnel volume to drive pipeline. Issue 12074
  4. CEO KR: Increase SaaS Trial conversion rate by 5% and Increase D14 namespace with 2+ SpO by 10%. Issue 12073

3. CEO: Even prouder to work here

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  1. CEO KR: 90% of team members answering an internal survey say that they agree that:
    1. Feel comfortable delivering our Golden Pitch
    2. Feel comfortable speaking to our brand message
    3. [If attending] Contribute was a success
    4. We are at mile 3 or 4 of a marathon or ultra-marathon
    5. Love the new GitLab Brand
    6. GitLab pays competitively. Issue 12070
  2. CEO KR: Meet hiring targets and have a diverse top of pipeline. Issue 12071
  3. CEO KR: 7 certifications with more than 10,000 certificates issued. Issue 13
  4. CEO KR: Graduate 2 internal projects from internal limited to public. Issue 12072
  5. CEO KR: Raise monthly contributors from 80 to 120. Issue 12310
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