Division of Responsibilities

A breakdown of the division of responsibilities for the Support Ops team

To help ensure the team doesn’t get overwhelmed and has the ability to focus on specialization and learning, we divide out the responsibilities among our team. The current division of responsibilities is:

Category Area Primary DRI Secondary DRI
Access Requests Internal License Requests Everyone Everyone
Zendesk Global Provisioning @jcolyer @lyle
Zendesk US Federal Provisioning @jcolyer @lyle
Account Deletions Form @jcolyer @dtragjasi
Issues @jcolyer @avilla4
Processor @jcolyer @avilla4
Questions @jcolyer @secole
Audits 1Password @jcolyer @lyle
Calendly @avilla4 @jcolyer
GitLab.com @jcolyer @lyle
Pagerduty @dtragjasi @jcolyer
Zendesk Global @nabeel.bilgrami @jcolyer
Zendesk US Federal @secole @jcolyer
Calendly Management @avilla4 @dtragjasi
Procurement @jcolyer @lyle
Provisioning @jcolyer @lyle
Forms Customer Ticket Generator @nabeel.bilgrami @avilla4
Free User Offer Form @jcolyer @dtragjasi
L&R Internal Requests Form (Global) @jcolyer @dtragjasi
L&R Internal Requests Form (US Federal) @jcolyer @dtragjasi
US Federal Customer Feedback @secole @jcolyer
Usage Ping Requests @jcolyer @lyle
Other Software Customer Feedback Processor US Federal @jcolyer @secole
Free user offer processor @jcolyer @dtragjasi
L&R Internal Request Processor (Global) @jcolyer @secole
L&R Internal Request Processor (US Federal) @jcolyer @secole
1-1-issue-generator @nabeel.bilgrami @jcolyer
support/team page Everyone Everyone
Pagerduty Management @avilla4 @jcolyer
Provisioning @jcolyer @lyle
Slack SGG Slackbot @avilla4 @jcolyer
Workflows @jcolyer @nabeel.bilgrami
Status.io Provisioning @jcolyer @lyle
Support Ops Project Issues Everyone Everyone
Ticket work Everyone Everyone
Zapier Support Ops Zap management @jcolyer @secole
Zendesk Global Agents @avilla4 @dtragjasi
Articles @dtragjasi @jcolyer
Automations @nabeel.bilgrami @avilla4
Contacts @jcolyer @nabeel.bilgrami
Forms and Fields @jcolyer @nabeel.bilgrami
Explore @nabeel.bilgrami @avilla4
Macros Everyone Everyone
Organizations @dtragjasi @avilla4
Priority Prospects @jcolyer @secole
Procurement @jcolyer @lyle
Salesforce Cases @jcolyer @nabeel.bilgrami
SLAs @jcolyer @lyle
Ticket Processor @jcolyer @nabeel.bilgrami
Ticket Round Robin @nabeel.bilgrami @dtragjasi
Triggers @nabeel.bilgrami @avilla4
Views @avilla4 @nabeel.bilgrami
Wizard @jcolyer @dtragjasi
Zendesk Apps @dtragjasi @jcolyer
Zendesk Theme @dtragjasi @jcolyer
Zendesk-Salesforce Sync @jcolyer @secole
Zendesk US Federal Agents @secole @jcolyer
Automations @secole @jcolyer
Macros @secole @jcolyer
Procurement @jcolyer @lyle
Salesforce Cases @jcolyer @secole
Ticket forms and Fields @secole @jcolyer
Ticket Round Robin @jcolyer @secole
Triggers @secole @jcolyer
Views @secole @jcolyer
Zendesk Apps @secole @jcolyer
Zendesk Theme @secole @jcolyer
Zendesk-Salesforce Sync @jcolyer @secole
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