Support Liaisons

This page describes the Support Liaison role and lists current liaisons


The Support Liaison role is aimed at building and maintaining a good relationship with another (non-product) team’s representative in order to learn about each other’s teams and how they work, and then to develop processes and documentation to allow the two teams to work together easily and effectively on an ongoing basis.

Current Support Liaison Roles and Assignments

If you’re missing from this list (and want to be on it) please let the Support Managers know in #spt_managers.

Section Group Group Contact Support Liaison Frequency
Finance Accounts ?? TBD N/A
Finance Budget Chase Wright Tom Cooney 1x Qtr on budget + once per month
Legal Legal Robin Schulman Jason Colyer N/A
PeopleOps After-hire care Jessica Mitchell Tom Cooney every 2 weeks
PeopleOps Talent Acquisition Cyndi Walsh Tom Cooney weekly
Performance Performance Stan Hu Lee Matos N/A
Production .com Infrastructure Dave Smith Vlad Stoianovici every 2 weeks
Marketing Developer Relations John Coghlan TBD weekly team meeting
Marketing Open Source Prog. Bryan Behrenshausen Andrew Conrad weekly team meeting
Customer Success Customer Success Kristen Lawrence TBD weekly on Fri join EMEA scrum
Sales Sales TBD Mike Dunninger / Tine Sørensen TBD
Security Security Operations Jan Urbanc Brie Carranza N/A

If you’re on the Support Team and have something you’d like to surface, or would like to attend one of these meetings, feel free to post in #spt_managers.

Detailed Descriptions of Specific Support Liaison Roles

Open Source Support Liaison

The Open Source Support Liaison (OSS Liaison) assists GitLab’s Open Source Partners with technical questions, problems, and needs.

The OSS Liaison has three primary duties:

  1. building rapport,
  2. providing assistance, and
  3. making connections

OSS Liaisons sit in on meetings and attend Q&A sessions with open source partners to build rapport, address technical questions, and nurture a thriving relationship. When members of the Open Source Partners program are in need of technical support or assistance with GitLab, an OSS Liaison serves as a point of contact on the Support team. As a point of contact, OSS Liaisons assist with basic technical support questions or escalate internally and find others to assist with more complicated technical problems. OSS Liaisons also subscribe to notifications on issues created by partners and help by getting other team members or teams involved in finding solutions.

Familiarity with open source concepts, licenses, and communities is recommended.

If you’re on the Support Team and would like to be an Open Source Support Liaison, post in #spt_managers and reach out to GitLab’s Open Source Program Manager (@bbehr).