Team member licenses

Support Operations policies page for team member licenses

The process

The process for these is:

  1. The GitLab team member files an access request (AR) using the GitLab Team Member License request template.
  2. GitLab team member pings Support Ops.
  3. Support Operations logs into the staging staging cDot app and generates the license using the parameters in the AR.
  4. Support Operations updates the AR and closes it out.

Creating a license

Note Before proceeding, please confirm the requested end date on the issue does not exceed 1 year. If it does, we cannot proceed with the request until the requester changes that.

Creating a license via staging cDot

  1. Login to the staging cDot app via Okta.
  2. Click the Licenses link on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click the + Add new License at the top of the page.
  4. Fill out the details on the form
  5. Click the ✓ Save button at the bottom of the form.
    Field Value
    License Type Legacy License
    Name GitLab team member’s full name
    Company GitLab - Team Member License
    Email GitLab team member’s company email
    Zuora subscription ID leave this blank
    Zuora subscription name leave this blank
    Users count value from the AR
    Previous users count 0 or value from the AR
    Trueup count 0 or value from the AR
    Plan code value from the AR
    Trial leave unchecked
    Start date today’s date
    End date value from the AR
    Notes the AR link

Updating the issue

After you have generated the license, you need to reply and close out the issue. To do this, reply with the following:

The staging license has been generated at this time.

As this is a staging license, please keep in mind you must setup your GitLab deployment to work with those. For more information on doing this, please see our documentation.

For information on applying a license, please read through our documentation.

After sending that reply, do the following:

  • Add time spent on the issue
  • Add the label ~Support-Ops::Completed to the issue
  • Close the issue
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