Leading Organizations Working Group

The charter of this working group is to scale the Leading Organizations intiative.


Property Value
Date Created 2022-11-09
End Date 2024-01-31
Slack #wg_leading-organizations (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Issue Board Epic

Business Goal

Increase the number of unique monthly contributors by recognizing and incentivizing organizations who are among our most active contributors. This will create internal experts at GitLab organizations and ensure customers see it as their own product. This initiative supports our mission and our dual flywheel strategy where increasing wider community contributions leads to more users, thus higher revenue.

Proposed Exit Criteria

Build scalable model to activate 100 Leading Organizations by the end of FY24-Q4.


  1. Develop robust pipeline
    1. Execute nurture campaigns and digital marketing playbooks to generate interest
    2. Integrate into strategic account segmentation and sales enablement
    3. Create customer success referral machinery
  2. Faster time to value
    1. Increase conversion rate of workshops
    2. Reduce time to activation
  3. Recognize and amplify success
    1. Publish case studies, blog posts and fireside chats with members about co-creation
    2. Amplify Leading Organizations’ contributions at industry conferences
  4. Increase capacity and improve attribution
    1. Increase reviewer/maintainer capacity in product areas with high number of contributions
    2. Improve contribution tracking, customer segmentation and attribution

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Team Member Functional Title
DRI Emilio Salvador VP, Developer Relations and Community
Executive Stakeholder Ashley Kramer Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer
Functional Lead: Contributor Success Nick Veenhof Director, Contributor Success
Functional Lead: Developer Evangelism John Coghlan Sr. Manager, Developer Evangelism
Functional Lead: Marketing Campaigns Jackie Gragnola Sr. Manager, Marketing Campaigns and ABM
Functional Lead: Product Marketing Nicole Smith Director, Product Marketing — Customer Advocacy
Functional Lead: Customer Success Jamie Reid Manager, Strategic CSMs
Member Sid Sijbrandij Chief Executive Officer
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