ChatOps Commands for

Guide for common ChatOps commands used by Support Engineering


ChatOps commands can be used to service support requests for, especially useful when one does not have admin access. In the interest of maintaining a single source of truth, it is recommended to use the built-in “help” command within ChatOps to see what commands are available or inspecting the code itself.

Note: Before you can use ChatOps, you will need to request access.


Uses the GitLab API for managing namespaces.

/chatops run namespace --help

Note: If you are attempting to search for a sub-group and not a top level group, you’ll need to ensure the slash / is encoded to %2F. For example, the path of the sub-group gitlab-com/support should be entered as gitlab-com%2Fsupport.


Uses the GitLab API for managing users.

/chatops run user --help

Feature Flags

  • Used for checking whether a specific feature flag has been enabled on or not.
  • Used for enabling a feature flag on a project or a group.

/chatops run feature --help