Self Managed

AWS Marketplace license
How to handle license purchased via AWS Marketplace
Cloud licensing and the support exemption process explained
How to generate a legacy license for a customer who cannot use Cloud Licensing
Creating a license key
How to create a GitLab license key
Creating a wider community license
How to create a wider community license
Delivery of license files
License generation and delivery
GCP Marketplace license
GCP Marketplace ticket request
Generating HackerOne Reporter Award Licenses
How to generate a license for Hacker One reporter award recipients
Generating NFR (Not For Resale) Licenses
How to generate a license for NFR license request
Handling flagged licensing provisioning failures
How to handle flagged licensing provisioning failures
Handling GitLab Dedicated License Requests
How to handle GitLab Dedicated License Requests
Handling multi-year subscriptions
How to handle GitLab multi-year subscriptions
Handling Opt Out of Services Usage Data request
How to handle Service Usage Data opt-out request
Handling trials and extensions for GitLab Self-Managed
Issuing a license to "extend" Self-managed trials and grace periods
Sending licenses to a different email address
Information on the process for sending licenses to a different email address
Troubleshooting and categorising license activation errors
How to troubleshoot and categorise GitLab license activation errors
Troubleshooting cloud licensing
How to troubleshoot issues with a cloud license
Troubleshooting license purchase errors
How to troubleshoot GitLab license purchasing errors
Weekend Emergencies - License Request
Support process for weekend license emergencies
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