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The SAAS Data Pipeline Working Group


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Date Created 2022-09-30
Target End Date 2023-10-01
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Business Goal

Provide reliable, stable, scalable and secure data feed for reporting and analytics use cases like MR Rate & Performance KPIs (Product development), Product Usage for Gainsight, License Utilization (Customer Success), Product Health Dashboard (Health) Propensity to Expand and Churn Models, Forecast, Territory Management (Sales).

Technical Goal

Implement a data pipeline that captures create, update and delete operations and stores them in the GitLab Data platform to be available for further processing and analytics.

High Level Design

Exit Criteria

  • Reliable: All ‘metadata’ and relevant descriptive data (create, update and delete) operations in the PostgreSQL database are captured, transfered and loaded into the data platform within 6 hours of the original event.
  • Stable: End to end solution runs for 30 days without interruption or human intervention.
  • Scalable: Solution scales with and does not require undue burden to expand as new databases, shards, zones, tenants, or cloud locations are deployed
  • Secure: Red data is not loaded or it is hashed if stored on a system that is not a data sub-processor.
  • Defined and agreed SLO with all business partners.
  • Full end to end monitoring.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Stakeholder David Sakamoto VP, Customer Success
Working Group DRI / Facilitator Dennis van Rooijen Senior Manager Data
Functional Lead Data Ved Prakash Staff Data Engineer
Functional Lead Infra
Member t.b.d. Senior Data Engineer Big Data
Member Justin Wong Data Engineer
Member - Infra Gerardo Lopez-Fernandez Engineering Fellow, Infrastructure
Member - Database Reliability Alexandar Sosna Senior Database Reliability Engineer
Member - Product
Member - Security Kyle Smith Sr. Security Risk Engineer
Member - Development Nick Nguyen Senior EM, Enablement: Data Stores
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