SaaS, Self-Managed and Dedicated Troubleshooting tables

Troubleshooting tips for various problems on each GitLab platform type


The purpose of this page is to provide a single reference point that Support Engineers can use when they need troubleshooting tips for various problems on any GitLab platform. The goal is to make it easier for each Support Engineer to resolve support tickets regardless of the GitLab platform involved.

How to use this page

Find the topic of interest to you, and follow the instructions there in the table row that matches the appropriate GitLab platform: Self Managed, SaaS, or Dedicated.


Self-managed Self Managed Administrators will need to configure the desired auth provider directly in their gitlab.rb. Any configuration change on this file will require that you run gitlab-ctl reconfigure to successfully apply changes.
DotCom Customers will Configure SAML SSO for Groups directly, by going to Group > Settings > SAML SSO.
Dedicated Start the investigation by searching the logs. To escalate, raise an issue with the GitLab Dedicated team.


Self-managed Geo is configured in the gitlab.rb file. It requires a premium or higher subscription. The steps must be followed in the order in which they appear.
DotCom Geo is a Self-Managed feature only.
Dedicated Raise issue with Dedicated team

Admin Area

Self-managed Administrators of self-managed systems will have access to their instance admin.
DotCom Only GitLab Team Members can make use of administrative tasks on, therefore access is not granted to customers.
Dedicated Customers have instance admins that can access the Admin Area. There is no GitLab Rails console access for customers.

Use the Admin Area docs for reference.


Self-managed Gitaly configuration is managed through the gitlab.rb file. A customer can configure stand-alone Gitaly or leverage Gitaly Cluster to fulfill its git requirements. Be sure you know which of these types of Gitaly configuration a self-managed customer is using before you begin troubleshooting.
DotCom Gitaly is managed by the infrastructure team of GitLab, so customers do not have access to it.
Dedicated Raise issue with Dedicated team

Logs and Performance

Self-managed GitlabSOS is a great way to gather all logs from a customer instance in order to investigate further on potential issues.
Similar to GitlabSOS, use KubeSOS if your customer uses Kubernetes instead of source or omnibus installations.
Fast-stats is a great way to compare performance analytics from and between GitLab Logs.
Green-hat is an experimental SOS and log parser.
DotCom Kibana provides visualization capabilities on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster to find Web based queries. Check the tips and tricks to understand what kind of information you can pull using this tool.
Sentry helps investigate errors across different applications or environments, for example Ruby code related errors. Search on Sentry usually is done using a Correlation ID.
Grafana is used for infrastructure metrics collection for
Dedicated GitLab Dedicated Logs


Self-managed Check out the reference architectures we recommend to our customers and their different variations
DotCom The architecture is managed by the infrastructure team and cannot be modified to meet individual customer’s needs.
Dedicated GitLab Dedicated is a fully isolated, single-tenant, SaaS service managed through AWS by the GitLab Dedicated Group. GitLab Dedicated tenants use the GitLab Cloud Native Hybrid reference architectures with high availability enabled. See the list of changes from the reference architectures.
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