Company Information

Everything in a company happens in a certain cadence. The period of each cadence differs. Learn about the cadences we have at GitLab.
E-Group offsite
The E-Group offsite happens every quarter for four days after the Board of Directors meeting
Family and Friends Day
At GitLab, we are family and friends first, work second. A monthly Family and Friends Day during COVID-19 helps our Team Members prioritize their well-being.
GitLab All-Company Meetings
An overview of GitLab Assembly and Quarterly Kickoff Meetings
GitLab Mission
GitLab believe that all digital products should be open to contributions; from legal documents to movie scripts, and from websites to chip designs.
GitLab Purpose
GitLab empowers everyone through knowledge sharing, job access, and our software platform.
GitLab Strategy
GitLab has a 3 year strategy to be the leading complete DevSecOps platform delivered as a single application.
History of GitLab
Review a summarised history of GitLab and the adventure so far from 2011 up until the present day. Learn more here!
What are KPIs Every part of GitLab has Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) linked to the company OKRs. Avoid the term metric where we can be more explicit. Use KPI instead. A function’s KPIs are owned by the respective member of e-group. A function may have many performance indicators (PIs) they track and not all of them will be KPIs. KPIs should be a subset of PIs and used to indicate the most important PIs to be surfaced to leadership.
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
OKRs stands for Objective-Key Results and are our quarterly objectives. OKRs are how to achieve the goal of the Key Performance Indicators KPIs.
Organizational Structure
GitLab has at most eight layers in the company structure (Associate/Intermediate/Senior, Manager/Staff, Senior Manager/Principal, Director/Distinguished, Senior Director, VP/Fellow, Executives, Board). View more here!
Our stewardship of GitLab
GitLab have an open core business model and generate almost all our revenue with subscriptions to paid tiers. Learn more!
Pricing model
Most GitLab functionality is and will be available for free in our Free tier. Paid tiers include features targeted for managers, directors, and executives.
Quote to Cash
GitLab's Quote to Cash systems and processes
Still a Startup
GitLab elevates others through knowledge sharing, job access, and our software platform..
Top Cross-Functional Initiatives
Top cross-functional initiatives are key to GitLab's success in the fiscal year and beyond
Working Groups
Like all groups at GitLab, a working group is an arrangement of people from different functions. Learn more!
Yearlies are the annual goals for the company. Yearlies should have measurable deliverables.